Equal parts aesthetics and strategy, thoughtfully designed for your business. 

Bespoke Website Design

You have invested so much in your business over the years, building credibility in your field. Now you’re ready to elevate your brand, attract more of your ideal clientele, and become a leading presence in your industry.

In my Bespoke Website Design process, we’ll take a fresh look at your business strategy, and use it as the foundation to create your new design. The result is a website that captures the true value of your work; an immersive experience for your ideal client. Just as important as the design, you’ll be empowered and equipped to confidently manage your site going forward.

· Up to 8 unique website page designs on SquareSpace or Showit
· Essential brand visuals
· Basic SEO setup
· Unlimited edits within our timeline 
· Private site management lesson and recording
· Customized recommendations for business and website resources

What's Included:


Investment begins at $4,497

The Bespoke Website Design Process

01. Booking

02. Preparation

03. Design

04. Launch

We start with a consultation call about your vision and goals, and I create a custom proposal for your project. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, you’re officially booked!

We allow at least 4 weeks between Booking and Design for this phase. Questionnaires will help you refine your vision, and a Content Prep Guide will help you gather your website’s words and images. 

We begin by talking through your strategy and inspiration to make sure we’re on the same page. Then we follow a 2-4 week design process tailored to best suit your business and goals. 

With our design complete, we record your Site Management Lesson, answer any lingering questions, and transfer the design to your account. You press the launch button, and I’m on hand to support any necessary tweaks along the way!


The experience

"My new website will allow me to continue to raise my prices and will make clients more certain that I am the perfect fit for them before they even hit that inquire button."

- Molly, Molly Carr Photography

"I love how Monica set up my website and gave me the tools so that I can easily make changes in the future."

- Jen, Suite by Jennifer Diederich

"My new website is speaking directly to my ideal client, and I am very confident as a brand now - is there any better feeling!?"

- Narelle, Narelle Janine Events

"I feel SO confident applying for jobs now, and I expect to be taken more seriously as a performing artist."

- Angela, Dancer & Choreographer

Equal parts aesthetics and strategy, thoughtfully designed for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to manage my website moving forward?

Yes! I want you to be confident in managing your new website after we launch. First, I only design on user-friendly platforms that feature drag-and-drop editing and dedicated support teams. And we always finish the design process with a live video tutorial for managing your site in the future - and it's all recorded for you to reference whenever you need!

Which platform do I need?

Choosing the right one depends on how your business works, your goals, your audience, and your personal preferences. In general, Showit prioritizes aesthetics and customization while Squarespace prioritizes simplicity and ease. I’m happy to play matchmaker on our consultation call! On either platform, our recorded Site Management Lesson empowers you to confidently manage updates going forward.

How does payment work?

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your place in my design calendar. The final 50% payment is due on the final day of your design phase, before I transfer the final design over to you. Payment is processed via Square (credit card, eCheck) or PayPal - and it works for international payments, too!

How do you design so quickly?

During your 3-5 week design phase, you’re my only client. And our Preparation ensures we have everything we need at our fingertips before designing starts! That combination of focus and preparedness means I can create your website on a much shorter timeline.

What are the included essential brand visuals?

I like to call it the painter’s palette of your brand! This includes a color palette, font selection, and a wordmark logo & favicon. See my past work for some examples! If you’re looking for something a little more elaborate, we can absolutely loop in another artist or brand designer to incorporate their work.

Can I officially launch my site on our final day?

This depends on a few factors, like your current platform and domain hosting, and the platform we’ve selected for your site. Sometimes things take a while to move over and require a couple of tweaks - I usually recommend planning your announcements for 1-2 weeks after our final day, just in case!

What's next?

After you fill out this form, I’ll reply with more details and information to set up a consultation so I can get to know you better and hear your visions and expectations for the project. Once the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, you’re officially booked!

Meet Monica

I believe that collaboration is truly magic - that talent & creativity are multiplied exponentially when we work together. 

It’s just one reason that I love working with my fellow creative entrepreneurs to create a beautiful, strategic website that brings their business to the next level.

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